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Happy Father’s Day

Speaking solely from a daughter’s perspective….I am thankful for my Dad and the lessons he taught me.  Sometimes we do not learn them during the trial, but when they (the lessons) are needed most we are reminded.  Dad is there during a crisis to comfort us, Dad is there during the joys of life to cheer us on, Dad is there during the sorrow to hold us.  If you have lost your Dad, I encourage you to find a surrogate, not a replacement because Fathers can never be replaced, but that man who is a Godly father-figure to guide, teach, and comfort you when needed.  If you grew up without a Dad, then the surrogate can fill that void.  Do not hold resentment against an absent father, because that only builds up walls and tears you away from true, honest, meaningful relationships.  Begin with a friend’s Dad, an Uncle, an older mentor or work colleague.  The guidance, friendship, and acceptance that you find from Dad is noncomparative to any other.  So whether you are a son or daughter, go hug your Dad and say I love you today…and everyday…be grateful, thankful, and just enjoy the relationship you have with him.

Welcome $ummer!!!

Before you go on summer vacation, take a weekend picnic and hike in the mountains, or a swim at the pool or beach…be sure to plan your budget and stick with your plan!


Nothing upsets your fun like running out of money or missing out on an activity because you don’t have the funds.  So this year, plan before you go…it just makes cents4you!  We are here to assist you would like a coaching call, but the idea is to plan for your trip and enjoy it without stressing about money.

JUNE 2018 – Congratulations!

June is the most popular month for weddings and graduations!


So Congratulations!!! (maybe it’s just around the corner or just happened) and welcome to adulthood!!!  These milestones are forks in the road that change your life forever, where do you go next, what do you do??  Did you throw a party? Did you budget for that?  How long did you plan for this occasion…without a budget??? WHY!!!

You know when you begin Kindergarten that you have 13 years to high school graduation; you know when you begin college that it will occur four, five, or six years down the road.  So why not plan for the celebration??  Most people just don’t think about it.

It is the same way with a wedding, most young girls plan their wedding at age 13, but who thinks about the costs???  Many adults beginning planning their wedding and get overwhelmed by the fees and deposits that are needed to hold a venue or have the cake and flowers delivered on the deadline.

It doesn’t have to be that way…there is ample time to plan and budget and have the celebration of your dreams!  If you feel overwhelmed then give our staff a call and we can coach you through the process.  We also offer coaching for life budgeting..once you land that dream job, once the baby announcements are prepared…you do not have to budget alone, we are here to make cents4you!


MAY I say….Thanks Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We are three blessed girls to have great parents who love us, take care of us, and continue to put up with our antics!!  Congratulations on 45 years of a loved-filled, blissful marriage Mom n Dad!!  Love you both!!

MAY 2018 – Gratefulness

I wanted to chat this month about being grateful; so many of us take appreciation for granted and don’t say thank you enough.  Offering gratitude and thankfulness should occur more than in the month of November, in fact it should occur daily.  Be kind to one another, speak softly and gently, think before you say those words…these are not just proverbs or cliches, but wise words to live by.  How can you show gratitude?  Saying thank you is a beginning but you may need to go further, show your appreciation to those around you…Teachers & Professors, Moms & Dads, Grandparents, Neighbors, Siblings and other Family, Friends, Coworkers, Church workers….who would you thank today!  It doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be using words, homemade gifts, or cash/gift cards in a hand written note.

Show you care, show you are grateful…then budget to do it more often for those you appreciate!!

APRIL 2018 – No one’s fool

Do you ever feel like a fool?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Ever feel like there is more month than money??  You are not alone, over 60% of consumers feel foolish when it comes to their knowledge of money.  What you need to focus on and remember is that not about knowledge, it’s about applying that knowledge.  You are your best accountability partner!  You are no one’s fool when you know where your money is spent, how much you have in savings, you set boundaries for spending to enjoy all aspects of life: work, fun, and meeting your needs.  When you are ready to have a second partner contact our coaches using the calendar link here.  We look forward to making cents4you!

APRIL FOOL’s GOLD – no fooling around

They say money doesn’t grow on trees but are they wrong?  a tree only grows when it is cared for, watered, fed, and some even say you should play music to your plants.  well, i say money grows the same way…you have to take care of it if you want it to take care of you.  “how do i do that?”  i’m glad you asked!

To care for your money, means to know your money: How much do I make, How much do I spend, How much am I saving?  These are basics – like water, sun, and dirt for your tree.  Without them your “money tree” will die. If you would like to learn more and go deeper into a budgeting and goals system, please contact our coaches at 972-351-3463 to schedule your appointment.

St. Patrick’s Day – Searching for that pot o’ gold

Our first thoughts when St. Patrick’s Day draws near is GREEN!!

Green rivers, green tea, green beer, greenbacks and that pot of gold!  But there is only one sure way to find that pot at the end of the rainbow…to save up for it.  You cannot have funds tomorrow, if you spend all of them today.  My best suggestion is to pay yourself first…so pay 10% to yourself, to your savings, then pay your bills.  With your budget you can see how much you owe and how much you can save.  If you cannot begin with ten percent, then begin with what you can…$5.00 saved today is more than 0.00 that you will promise to put in tomorrow.  The best way to save and not spend the money is to open a second bank account at a separate bank; this makes it more difficult to borrow the funds when you “need” that new something!  If you begin to see your money differently, to see WHY you spend it, then you can change your habits.  If you would like to chat with one of our coaches leave us a message or call us, we would love to explore your road to financial freedom with you!

MARCH 2018 – Are you in the green?

A touch of Irish luck for you today!

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I want you to remember it is not all about luck…you can control where your money goes, how it is spent, who is spending it?  A budget is not a dirty word or curse, it is like driving between the lines on the highway…it keeps you safe and in control of your vehicle.  It should not be scary to find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; it is there, but you cannot find what you are not looking for.  Savings, Retirement, and Budgeting are not hard to discover if you know where to seek, if you know which questions to ask, if you know who to ask…but that may seem like an untouchable leprechaun.

If you are ready for a guide, a navigator, on your financial journey then contact one of our coaches today.  In April we will be taking our live coaching course online and we are preselling memberships beginning 3/25 so don’t miss this opportunity to begin your journey with us at the starting line.  Your financial freedom awaits…take the first step.

Valentine’s Day…how to stay on a budget

Do you find it difficult to stay on budget during any holiday but especially the ones that you love to spend money on others…Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries?  Don’t fret…there is hope!  You are not the only one.  Many people struggle with this dilemma because it is so common and occurs so often.

The best course to make cents4you is to create a spending plan or budget for the holiday AND stick to it!  You have one year to save up for it and then you can keep any leftover for the next year.  Below are the 7 steps on an exploratory journey that I follow to stay on a holiday budget.

  1. Brainstorm your annual holidays, list everyone you want to buy for- include what gift or what event, be creative and enjoy the exploration…involve the person if you need to do so, don’t worry about the budget at this step
  2. Take a look at your personal budget now…if taking your loved one to Europe is not in this year’s budget then maybe that can be a long-term goal…get realistic…set SMART GOALS (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely)…For example you can spend $20 each for ten Christmas gift, $40 for six birthdays, and $100 on your (one) Valentine.  Now you follow the plan!
  3. Open a savings account, it can be at any online or local bank
  4. Add your annual gift giving totals then divide by 12, this is the monthly amount you need to put into your savings account…for our example the total is $540 annually or $45 each month.  Hey that is only one family meal out per month that you stay home and cook.
  5. Stash away the same amount ($45 in our example) every month into the savings account; the best way is by splitting your paycheck using direct deposit…out of sight, out of mind then you won’t miss it.  You can always send more but remember this is not your rainy day fund this is specifically for holidays and special occasions.  Maybe you are saving up for a 10 year anniversary cruise or a family vacation to Disney.
  6. As each special day occurs transfer funds or withdraw from the account, but don’t stop placing the full monthly amount into the savings account.  You are beginning to save for next year.  If you have multiple birthdays in the same month and feel that your account will be drained then you could plan to save faster with larger amounts, try doubling the monthly funds if your withdrawals will come quickly in the first year of planning.
  7. Enjoy the day..don’t stress over didn’t put it on your credit card..your bank account is not drained..and you are still debt free!! (If you can responsibly utilize the rewards of a credit card, then yes place the special day on it BUT remember to pay it off on the due date…better yet as soon as your day is over.  Now you have zero on your credit card and you have the rewards; that makes cents4you!!)

Allow your Valentine to take your breath away not your money this February…enjoy today and plan for next year…stress free!  If you would like to learn more about a personal plan contact our coaches today for a free phone consultation.