Personal Financial Coaching


Individual Coaching Sessions are held in your home or we can meet virtually to accommodate anywhere in the United States or internationally.  Our headquarters are located near the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas metroplex.  We offer sessions during the day or evenings, Mondays through Fridays.  You can register now by clicking on the REGISTER button at the bottom.

All sessions are private, only to your household and usually last 1.50 to 2.0 hours each.  There are 10 lessons in total and we cover one each week; this is our 3 month coaching plan.  With our first meeting we create a specific plan that makes cents4you and the direction of your life goals.  The focus is not on the lessons, instead it is on how they relate to you, your family, your finances, your mindset and your goals.  All from a Biblical position.

Some clients choose to host group coaching sessions either before or after individual coaching.  It is not a requirement.  Please contact the business office to schedule a free initial consultation appointment today or learn more about hosting.

What is required for 1-on-1 personal financial coaching??

  1. Only 1 participant,  couples* are 1 participant
  2. Participants must be 18 years or older, out of high school is recommended
  3. Client may choose either a local onsite meeting at home or virtual meetings; Cents+Ability may also suggest local venues
  4. A nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling, anytime after your consultation call
  5. To receive the 10% discount, your total fee is due on the day of the first session **
  6. Participation is not optional and does not constitute a refund
  7. Extended time is not allotted for lack of participation; additional sessions must be purchased; twelve weeks have been allocated for the ten lesson plan

*A couple is two participants who are both financially responsible for the same accounts and expenses.  A few examples include but are not limited to the following: married, engaged to be married within 6 months, roommates, divorced parents, sharing the care for elders, business partners.

**Special pricing may be offered for payment plans, ask for details; all fees will be paid in full at least two weeks before the three month session is completed; additional sessions may be purchased

What to expect during an individual coaching session:

  1. Same location & same time for all the sessions***
  2. Materials paid by Cents+Ability will be provided to your email
  3. Snacks may be provided during an onsite location
  4. Your commitment to attend all sessions and arrive prepared
  5. Participants are encouraged to provide personal data for the full benefits to you from the course
  6. Participation is encouraged for all financial decision makers to enhance your experience
  7. Recordings of only private sessions are available for a limited time, due to trademark regulations
  8. Fun games, prizes, and some centsable knowledge

***Exceptions can be made periodically

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