What do we offer?

Financial Coaching

As a Financial Coach, we assist you in using resources for budgeting and cash flow projections for businesses or individuals.  Our coaching provides direction on your journey to financial freedom and wealth building.  We guide you through different ways to reduce and eliminate your debt without filing bankruptcy, and teach you how to strategically improve your wealth-building skills to prevent future debt.

Events/Speaking Engagements

We are available for private speaking events or meetings as a one-day seminar or two-hour lunch/dinner meeting.  Discussion topics might include financial education tips, debt reduction, budgeting, wealth building strategies, or we could specialize specifically to your organization.  Included in the pricing is a two-hour consultation with management to gain insight into your specific needs.  Find a date on our calendar

QuickBooks Training

Specializing in small businesses with less than 50 employees, we offer  QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Training.   This includes how to connect online banking & preparing account reconciliations, creating specialized  unaudited financial reports for internal-use-only or to send to your CPA for tax preparation.  We go beyond the daily data entry to become your back office CFO support.  We offer day and evening classes for up to four hours either online or on location.  Through emails, phone calls, and consultations we communicate quickly and effectively to teach your office staff how to stay current on your financial status.  Now you can focus on your customers because planning is better than reacting.  Together we can successfully and creatively resolve any fiscal problems while making cents4you.  If you would like to join a class or schedule a private session please contact our office for more information.  Contact us today!

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Vision: Affirming the potential of others to reach financial solutions

Mission Statement: Collaborating with businesses, families, or individuals through financial coaching and training to develop fiscal accountability and solve problems creatively utilizing our staff’s expert knowledge and professional experiences with integrity, hope, and excellence.

Purpose Statement:    Making cents4you!

Proverbs 21:5

Good (prudent, diligent, wise, organized, persistent, SMART goals) planning and hard work (doing it scared, a leap of faith, following the Prince of peace, F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Rise) lead to prosperity (making cents4you, profit first, knowing your WHY, retirement years funded, debt freedom, $haring, ) but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty (living in bondage to debt and the love of money, no ME time, owning possessions but living unsatisfied, no family time, to die without a legacy).