AVAILABLE NOW! Online coaching live with personalized coaches!!

We are excited to offer our financial coaching as a new group class beginning every month!  You will be able to interact with others as you share your financial journey to freedom.  There is no monthly membership fee, just a one time cost of $750 to walk together through a financial course that makes cents4you.

We meet one night each week for two hours through an online portal and if you miss the lesson then you can watch the recording.  This 10 week step-by-step financial course is an interactive tool which teaches more than budgeting.  You will learn how your money relates to every area of your life.  A few lesson titles are “Don’t let money play the leading role, My calendar doesn’t have 30 days, Does your money lead your dance?, and Winning the fight about money.”  A full course outline is provided in the first week.

Each week will focus on a different lesson and there will be an at-home application to complete before next week’s class.  The group closes in week two because each lesson builds upon the next.  Fees are due at the time of registration; a payment plan is available to spread the costs over time.

Questions during the class are encouraged but if you would like to ask your coach privately just shoot an email.  Your coach may share frequently asked questions during class, but no private information will be discussed unless you disclose it to the group.  How do we spend two hours?  Each week your application “homework” will be reviewed to hold you accountable to finish your financial plan, then we coach you on the new lesson and have a group discussion, lastly we discuss the next step to continue on the journey.  There is a free private Facebook group.  Feel free to share with the group your questions and suggestions, wins and struggles, or just look for insightful tips from others and our coaches.

Upon completion, we offer 1-on-1 coaching at a discounted price so you can continue making cents4you!!  Your coach will contact you with the details.

Click this calendar link before the next class is full; we only accept 10 participants each month.  Or you can schedule a short info call with one of our coaches Book Today!