Frequently Asked Questions

What about parking?  Free parking is located onsite or nearby to the venue.  Checkout the details for this year’s venue.

Do I have to stay at the hotel venue?  No you are welcome to stay anywhere; home is always great if it is close enough.  However, as women we need to take ME TIME and refresh ourselves, so try to stay at the venue the entire weekend if you can!

Do we pay tips to the venue staff?  That depends on the venue, if they have a tip jar yes please show your appreciation for the venue staff.  Please do not tip the Cents+Ability staff or guest speakers.

What about spending money?  You may want to bring extra spending money for personal items or purchases which are not included in your registration – such as souvenirs, tips, favorite snacks, etc. 

Do I need a printed ticket?  No ticket is needed, a payment in full prior to the event will have your name on the registration list.  If you would like to gift a registration ticket, be sure to provide the woman’s name who will be attending as well as your own.

What is your refund policy?  Tickets are nonrefundable but they can be transferred.  Simply call our office and tell us the new “owner’s” name.  But we hope you can both make it!

What do I wear?  Room temperatures are different to everyone, so we suggest layers that you can add or remove so that you are comfortable.  Dress in comfortable, all day clothes! Watch the notes on this year’s location for special activities that may require special clothing or shoes.

What do I need to bring?  Almost everything is provided so just bring yourself.  Please notify the office if you have any food allergies so we can make those accommodations.  We provide almost every meal, snacks, and drinks so just attend and enjoy!  If you are staying at the hotel, feel free to bring your favorite pillow.

What is PJs & Jams?  It is the fun slumber party we share each year with snacks, games, and jam to the oldies (of 1980 LOL)!  Wear your favorite PJs, bring your pillow and blanket to join us for the fun and meet the ladies with whom you will be sharing this weekend.

How do I contact Cents+Ability?  Our office hours are Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm.  You can call 972-351-3463 or email admin@cents4you.com with any questions or concerns.