Group Coaching Sessions


Group Coaching Sessions are held at various locations throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.  Checkout our new online course calendar for a date starting soon.  We offer sessions during the day, evenings, and sometimes weekends.  If you would like to host a group session, you can register now by clicking on the REGISTER button at the bottom.

During the 3 months (or 12 weeks) course we offer specific private sessions, which provides privacy for you to ask specifically about your personal finances.  Most of our group sessions are scheduled by a host contacting the business office.  If you choose to host a group, you receive a discount price and a special gift.  You may have a group in mind that you would like to participate:  such as your Men’s Bible Study, the MOPS group, college study group, coworkers, church class, sports team, networking groups, or just a bunch of friends.  For those who cannot find a group to setup your own session, then we now offer ONLINE GROUP COACHING or you can schedule an INDIVIDUAL COACHING session.  Periodically, check our events on Facebook and signup for the next one starting soon.

There are a few requirements to host a group coaching session:

  1. Minimum 5 participants, Maximum 12 participants, couples may be 1 participant
  2. Participants must be 18 years or older, out of high school is recommended
  3. Host may choose location or Cents+Ability may provide one if online is not your preference
  4. Nonrefundable deposit due upon scheduling
  5. Total fee is due before the course is closed
  6. Group is closed after 2 sessions, no one new can be added

What to expect during a group coaching session:

  1. Same location, same time for the duration
  2. Materials will be provided by Cents+Ability
  3. Snacks may be provided depending upon the location
  4. Commit to all the weeks,  attending weekly classes,
  5. Staying for the entire 1.0-1.5hr class and arriving on time
  6. Participants do not provide personal data without permission
  7. Participation is encouraged to enhance your experience
  8. Fun games, prizes, and some centsable knowledge

Space is limited to 12 participants, REGISTER today!  

Feel free to invite your group using our Cents+Ability Facebook page or we encourage a closed group to be created during the session.  This encourages support and questions between participants outside the classes.  

A coaching session includes educational games, group talks, fun tips & information, prizes, and sometimes food.  You only need to bring yourself.   Come to share your knowledge and experiences, learn some new ideas, and receive centsable tips!!