St. Patrick’s Day – Searching for that pot o’ gold

Our first thoughts when St. Patrick’s Day draws near is GREEN!!

Green rivers, green tea, green beer, greenbacks and that pot of gold!  But there is only one sure way to find that pot at the end of the rainbow…to save up for it.  You cannot have funds tomorrow, if you spend all of them today.  My best suggestion is to pay yourself first…so pay 10% to yourself, to your savings, then pay your bills.  With your budget you can see how much you owe and how much you can save.  If you cannot begin with ten percent, then begin with what you can…$5.00 saved today is more than 0.00 that you will promise to put in tomorrow.  The best way to save and not spend the money is to open a second bank account at a separate bank; this makes it more difficult to borrow the funds when you “need” that new something!  If you begin to see your money differently, to see WHY you spend it, then you can change your habits.  If you would like to chat with one of our coaches leave us a message or call us, we would love to explore your road to financial freedom with you!

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