Happy Father’s Day

Speaking solely from a daughter’s perspective….I am thankful for my Dad and the lessons he taught me.  Sometimes we do not learn them during the trial, but when they (the lessons) are needed most we are reminded.  Dad is there during a crisis to comfort us, Dad is there during the joys of life to cheer us on, Dad is there during the sorrow to hold us.  If you have lost your Dad, I encourage you to find a surrogate, not a replacement because Fathers can never be replaced, but that man who is a Godly father-figure to guide, teach, and comfort you when needed.  If you grew up without a Dad, then the surrogate can fill that void.  Do not hold resentment against an absent father, because that only builds up walls and tears you away from true, honest, meaningful relationships.  Begin with a friend’s Dad, an Uncle, an older mentor or work colleague.  The guidance, friendship, and acceptance that you find from Dad is noncomparative to any other.  So whether you are a son or daughter, go hug your Dad and say I love you today…and everyday…be grateful, thankful, and just enjoy the relationship you have with him.