MAY 2017 – WHY do you spend money?

This month, I want you to consider not just how you spend your money but WHY you spend it?!  As a giver myself, I am always dropping off a gift for no reason to friends, coworkers, and family.  They love me for it, but am I appreciated or taken advantage of my generosity?  Don’t misread me, sometimes you give for nothing in return..but it should not drain you to the point of exhaustion mentally or physically.  When you have poured out of yourself so freely that your soul is empty then you have to refill it.  That is what true, healthy relationships look like…give and take.  Receive as much as you give and your cup runneth over!  Now you can keep giving.  Has your wallet ever felt the sting of not being able to provide for your own needs because you gave it all away??!!  My advice is to set your boundaries, allow the natural consequences to occur, and stop rescuing others.  Let them learn from their mistakes.  Stop crossing oceans for them, when they won’t jump a puddle for you!!

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2 responses to “MAY 2017 – WHY do you spend money?”

  1. I just found your link…
    Came to see what it was all about and noticed the “I am a giver…” statement. I wondered if you have read about the five love languages and incorporate hem I to your messages?

    • Yes Deborah…I enjoy reading and the 5 Love Languages, Boundaries, and The Seasons of Marriage saved my world! Currently I am reading Jesus CEO, The 12 Week Year, and How Successful People Grow. Feel free to contact me by phone to chat about our financial coaching services. You may also fill out a contact form to attend or host a group session. Our May class dates are filling up fast, but June still has openings. Be sure to follow us on FB Cents+Ability Financial Solutions & Twitter: CentsAbilityTX.