As Fall arrives, many begin thinking about holidays…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years! I want to challenge you to have a holiday budget. Begin now and save for 13 months for next year! You may say I don’t need one, but can you tell me in the next 3 seconds how much you spent last year on Christmas presents for everyone? Ok some of you know about how much, $100 per kid or $500 on my credit card….but did you include the costs to drive to be with family or that vacation instead of presents? Many of us do not include all of the costs within our budget, mostly because we don’t think of it that way. When my son lived out of state, I asked them to save to come home for Christmas. He and his wife were planning to come in November and December, but after reviewing their budget and the costs for two trips within four weeks of each other…they chose to come only once and stay an extra two days in December! Enjoy your family time, enjoy the holidays, and don’t blow your budget!!


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