JULY 2017 – The Road Less Taken

Many times we are told not to follow the crowd, but today I am going to explain why not to do so.  When you choose to take the road less traveled, it empowers you to follow your journey..your choices!  When you set the pace, pave the way, and follow your own lead then you can forge the pathway.  Oh your road could be similar to another, but only you are where you are because of your choices or reactions to shared choices (such as death, divorce, job loss, storms).  Where you spend your money is connected to your WHY!! and that is only found in your heart and mind.  You can either allow your money to control your journey or you can take that control and drive your own path.  There is no shame or guilt in asking for assistance when it is needed, we ask GPS for it all the time.  Contact Cents+Ability for financial coaching and allow us to guide you to financial freedom!