What is business financial coaching?

Are you a solopreneur ready to grow beyond your own capacity as a do-it-all-yourself??

Are you ready to add a team member or hire a contractor, so you can focus more on serving your clients??

Do you feel overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted? You became your own boss to spend more time with your family, doing what you love to do, taking four day weekends, and creating special memories with those you love. But lately your days are filled with only work-related tasks. You missed his winning goal because you checked your email one more time on your phone. You missed her solo in the school orchestra because you had to step out for that client call. You run late to pick them up after school because you had to change the laundry after your last meeting ran over its time. You are not alone; many solopreneurs begin like this. There is a better way!

You can grow beyond a single person company doing it all, by focusing on the results you want. You can have more family time and have growth in your company. You can be present and not miss a client’s call. You can accomplish chores at home and complete your office tasks. You can change your outcome by changing your mindset. I believe it all begins with your financial choices.

Are you ready to learn more? Are you ready for transformational results?? You are serving more clients, your phone is answered during business hours, your emails are responded to daily, you have a social media presence and your following has increased, your bills are paid on time, you have new leads making appointments next week, and your revenue is growing. HOW?? You are now making proactive financial decisions. You have hired out and delegated some tasks, which frees up your time to serve your clients.

Dream with me…..You can take one month off and your company continues to be productive and increase its revenue!! This dream can be a reality.

Take the step today to invest in your future!

Biblical Business Financial Coaching

Biblical Business Financial Coaching


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