Theological Opportunities with the United Presbyterian Church, USA

Explore News and Discussion forum (WE) began as the Theological Possibilities Program as well as BEST of Harvard Divinity University (HDS). In 1973 its root base can be followed to the Culture of Harvard Daughters. The group started to share living and quest of a list of women employed in the ministry at a predominantly male faculty posture at Harvard Divinity University. It was to bridge the gap between women and men in religious research and ministry.

We even now continue that tradition today even though the identity is no longer used by the organization. It truly is still a component of the theology degree applications at the divinity educational facilities. The biblical opportunities method covers various areas of review including values, social proper rights, philosophy of religion, and sociology. It also offers students the opportunity to select their area of specialization. The four sub-specialties are: Pastoral Psychology, Scientific Psychology, Therapies, and Law and Government.

There is also an emerging community of scholars inside the sub-specialties who all bring unique perspectives for the teaching and research of these academic experts. As a result, there exists a growing demand for these teachers to fill open faculty and administrative positions in a great many schools in america, Canada and England. Various students in search of theological deg at the biblical universities and colleges seek entrance to the United States Presbyterian on;ine seminary. The biblical degree from the United States Presbyterian seminary plus the Presbyterian house of worship offers the candidates an outstanding base for profession and marriage in the pastoral, spiritual and community leadership domains.

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