Month: June 2018

Happy Father’s Day

Speaking solely from a daughter’s perspective….I am thankful for my Dad and the lessons he taught me.  Sometimes we do not learn them during the trial, but when they (the lessons) are needed most we are reminded.  Dad is there during a crisis to comfort us, Dad is there during the joys of life to cheer us on, Dad is there during the sorrow to hold us.  If you have lost your Dad, I encourage you to find a surrogate, not a replacement because Fathers can never be replaced, but that man who is a Godly father-figure to guide, teach, and comfort you when needed.  If you grew up without a Dad, then the surrogate can fill that void.  Do not hold resentment against an absent father, because that only builds up walls and tears you away from true, honest, meaningful relationships.  Begin with a friend’s Dad, an Uncle, an older mentor or work colleague.  The guidance, friendship, and acceptance that you find from Dad is noncomparative to any other.  So whether you are a son or daughter, go hug your Dad and say I love you today…and everyday…be grateful, thankful, and just enjoy the relationship you have with him.

Welcome $ummer!!!

Before you go on summer vacation, take a weekend picnic and hike in the mountains, or a swim at the pool or beach…be sure to plan your budget and stick with your plan!


Nothing upsets your fun like running out of money or missing out on an activity because you don’t have the funds.  So this year, plan before you go…it just makes cents4you!  We are here to assist you would like a coaching call, but the idea is to plan for your trip and enjoy it without stressing about money.

JUNE 2018 – Congratulations!

June is the most popular month for weddings and graduations!


So Congratulations!!! (maybe it’s just around the corner or just happened) and welcome to adulthood!!!  These milestones are forks in the road that change your life forever, where do you go next, what do you do??  Did you throw a party? Did you budget for that?  How long did you plan for this occasion…without a budget??? WHY!!!

You know when you begin Kindergarten that you have 13 years to high school graduation; you know when you begin college that it will occur four, five, or six years down the road.  So why not plan for the celebration??  Most people just don’t think about it.

It is the same way with a wedding, most young girls plan their wedding at age 13, but who thinks about the costs???  Many adults beginning planning their wedding and get overwhelmed by the fees and deposits that are needed to hold a venue or have the cake and flowers delivered on the deadline.

It doesn’t have to be that way…there is ample time to plan and budget and have the celebration of your dreams!  If you feel overwhelmed then give our staff a call and we can coach you through the process.  We also offer coaching for life budgeting..once you land that dream job, once the baby announcements are prepared…you do not have to budget alone, we are here to make cents4you!