Month: May 2018

MAY I say….Thanks Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We are three blessed girls to have great parents who love us, take care of us, and continue to put up with our antics!!  Congratulations on 45 years of a loved-filled, blissful marriage Mom n Dad!!  Love you both!!

MAY 2018 – Gratefulness

I wanted to chat this month about being grateful; so many of us take appreciation for granted and don’t say thank you enough.  Offering gratitude and thankfulness should occur more than in the month of November, in fact it should occur daily.  Be kind to one another, speak softly and gently, think before you say those words…these are not just proverbs or cliches, but wise words to live by.  How can you show gratitude?  Saying thank you is a beginning but you may need to go further, show your appreciation to those around you…Teachers & Professors, Moms & Dads, Grandparents, Neighbors, Siblings and other Family, Friends, Coworkers, Church workers….who would you thank today!  It doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be using words, homemade gifts, or cash/gift cards in a hand written note.

Show you care, show you are grateful…then budget to do it more often for those you appreciate!!

APRIL 2018 – No one’s fool

Do you ever feel like a fool?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Ever feel like there is more month than money??  You are not alone, over 60% of consumers feel foolish when it comes to their knowledge of money.  What you need to focus on and remember is that not about knowledge, it’s about applying that knowledge.  You are your best accountability partner!  You are no one’s fool when you know where your money is spent, how much you have in savings, you set boundaries for spending to enjoy all aspects of life: work, fun, and meeting your needs.  When you are ready to have a second partner contact our coaches using the calendar link here.  We look forward to making cents4you!

APRIL FOOL’s GOLD – no fooling around

They say money doesn’t grow on trees but are they wrong?  a tree only grows when it is cared for, watered, fed, and some even say you should play music to your plants.  well, i say money grows the same way…you have to take care of it if you want it to take care of you.  “how do i do that?”  i’m glad you asked!

To care for your money, means to know your money: How much do I make, How much do I spend, How much am I saving?  These are basics – like water, sun, and dirt for your tree.  Without them your “money tree” will die. If you would like to learn more and go deeper into a budgeting and goals system, please contact our coaches at 972-351-3463 to schedule your appointment.