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December 2017-Joyful Year End

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As you end the year, begin to plan for the next one by reviewing your spending habits.  Do you know where you spent?  Did you stay on budget?  Were you able to save for retirement, unexpected emergencies, holidays, birthdays, special events, and vacations?  If you answered NO to any or all of these, then we are here to make cents4you!  Begin 2018 with our online courses…a self-paced video financial coaching series that allows you to navigate through WHY you spend money so you can create a personalized spending plan that makes cents4you!

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November 2017 – Thankfulness

As we enter November, I am reminded of all the things that I am thankful for…my family, my company, my friends, my health…and breathing fresh air, having plenty of food in the pantry and fridge, numerous outfits to choose from to wear, extra money to spend on vacations and business trips, fun money to spend on ME TIME and Girlz Nite Out!

But none of that would be possible if I did not have a thankful heart.  I believe that your finances are tied directly to your heart choices…your morals, your integrity, your gut feelings.  Some say you are what you eat, I say you are what you spend…so where are you spending your money?  Think about that and make a plan (also called a budget) so that you can tell your money where YOU WANT IT to go, not allowing it to fly away into the unknown abyss of “where did my money go, I still have month left!”

Once your budget is set, you can relax and make cents4you in the other areas in your life; being truly grateful and thankful for all those areas where you are rich!  For our treasure is not in gold or silver but through instruction and wisdom we gain wealth…Proverbs 8:10-12

JUNE 2017 – Summer Fun

It’s summer time, time for fun – grillin out – and checkin out  your current budget.

Budgets are not cut in stone, they need to be fluid, to adjust to your ever changing world…when you plan and budget up to one year out for vacations, holidays, and summer fun then they do not seem so overwhelming for your pocketbook or your calendar! Go enjoy today but this weekend sit down and review your June budget: what do you need to add, what do you need to subtract, multiply your fun and divide the needs over several months.



Spending time with Dad and grads this month could be expensive if you did not budget for the parties and gifts. Honor your father by not overspending your finances, but offering time with him.  Teach the next generation (Congrats Graduates!) that budgeting is not difficult or a waste of time.  Show them that a realistic budget offers freedom, and clear decisions offer rewards!  A great gift is a coaching class with us, graduates receive a discount so contact us today.

February 2017 – Loving

As the season of love approaches, I am reminded that you should love yourself first.  So what does that mean?  Loving yourself is not selfishness but creating the best you to THRIVE in all you do – relationships, work, finances.  When you pay yourself first by setting aside your savings, your retirement, or fun money; then, you are setting yourself up for success in the future.  You are thriving to become all that you can be by setting aside funds for your future plans and goals.

If you would like to find out more, sign up for our WOW! board class.  Find one near you on our calendar and register today.


This month we are reminded to be thankful. Make a list of what you are thankful for, then go to that person and say thank you! Friends, family, the grocery clerk, your mail carrier or trash pickup, your boss and secretary, your kids and spouse! Lastly don’t forget yourself!! As we approach the end of the year, many forget to be thankful for how far they have come. I remind my clients that rewarding yourself at milestones are just as important as celebrating the end of the finish line, reaching that goal to be debt free or buying that new home. Small rewards may be that ice cream cone, a night to read your favorite book, or taking that bubble bath not a quick shower. They don’t have to costs money, but if they do you need to plan for them in your budget.


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your reward!!


As Fall arrives, many begin thinking about holidays…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years! I want to challenge you to have a holiday budget. Begin now and save for 13 months for next year! You may say I don’t need one, but can you tell me in the next 3 seconds how much you spent last year on Christmas presents for everyone? Ok some of you know about how much, $100 per kid or $500 on my credit card….but did you include the costs to drive to be with family or that vacation instead of presents? Many of us do not include all of the costs within our budget, mostly because we don’t think of it that way. When my son lived out of state, I asked them to save to come home for Christmas. He and his wife were planning to come in November and December, but after reviewing their budget and the costs for two trips within four weeks of each other…they chose to come only once and stay an extra two days in December! Enjoy your family time, enjoy the holidays, and don’t blow your budget!!


Contact us today for a free consultation for financial coaching and budgeting!

JULY 2016

I am thankful for the freedom found in the United States, and I am grateful to those who have given their lives so I could enjoy this freedom. You can also experience financial freedom…break the chains of debt and strife. Communicate with your spouse about money before either of you spend it, Set limits by categories, Budget for holidays and vacations, and lastly Enjoy your money…you earned it!

Break the CHAIN

JUNE 2016

This month I want to remind you to say thank you to your Dad! This man is the one who taught you how to throw a ball, hugged you when you fell off your bike, walked his daughter down the aisle, or cried watching his son take his bride’s hand. Sometimes we give mother’s all the credit but without a father, there is no child to be carried for nine months. I say thank you DAD! For being the first gentleman to take me on a date, to show me how a lady should be respected and loved.

In June we also celebrate graduation and I applaud all of you who have fulfilled this accomplishment! For those high school graduates, this is a new and exciting time in your life. As an adult, it is time to take your place in society and give back, either through working full-time or becoming a roommate at college and pulling your share of the chores. Don’t allow immaturity to lead you to take things for granted…take initiative and be proactive. For those graduating college, you are beginning a new phase in life but you are not alone. You are stepping into a new phase of adulthood and your responsibilities are growing at an exponential rate. It can be overwhelming. We are here to financially coach you; call today for your free consultation. We are here to make cents4you.